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Tasha S. Byrd

My Story

Tasha S. Byrd is an advocate for personal transformation, she has dedicated her life to breaking generational curses and empowering individuals to overcome the limitations of their family histories. Her passion for this mission stems from her own personal experiences and a deep understanding of the power of breaking free from negative patterns.

Drawing from her own triumphs and struggles, Tasha has emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals yearning for change. Her trans-formative experiences and the wisdom gained along the way have shaped her unique approach to breaking generational curses and cultivating a positive mindset.

Tasha is the Founder/CEO of I Choose Too LLC, 2x bestselling author, motivational speaker, and certified resilient/inspirational coach.  She won (2) I AM HER awards;  Woman on the Rise and Woman of Influence. Featured in multiple magazines, and media outlets.
Tasha has taken on a new venture as a visionary author and launched her first anthology for mother – daughter relationship inspired by her daughter.

Tasha is a wife, mother, grandmother and resides in Southern California.

“Write the vision and make it plain” Hab.2:2 KJV.

You can connect with me on Facebook: Tasha Byrd, Instagram: byrdtasha, email: OR

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" 'Choosing too' break generational curses I have discovered were passed down from her previous ancestors. 


I 'Choose Too' embrace, love, trust God, change the trajectory, believe in myself, and speak up! "

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